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I am Dr Valéria Horváth, the chief dentist of our practice. I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Dentistry from the Semmelweis Medical University in 1995, and later in 2000, I specialized in Dental and Oral Diseases. After graduation, I worked in various private clinics until 2002, when I started my own business, Dr Horvath Dens Bt.

The management of Dr Horvath Dens Bt. has provided an invaluable opportunity for experience and development over the years. As of December 2016, I am using the knowledge I gained during my 15 years of private practice as a leading dentist at the Help Dental Clinic.

I always take full advantage of the opportunities offered by dental healing, to save or restore my patients' original teeth. Therefore, it is not unexpected that my favourite area is aesthetic dentistry. My goal is to restore my patients' confident smile and to offer them a pain-free treatment where they feel relaxed and stress-free.